PUBLICATION LIST (Peer-reviewed or White Papers)

  1. BCG mass evolution in cosmological hydro-simulations Ragone-Figueroa, C.; Granato, G. L.; Ferraro, M. E.; Murante, G.; Biffi, V.; Borgani, S.; Planelles, S.; Rasia, E., 2018, MNRAS, 479, 1125

  2. Morphological estimators on Sunyaev-Zel'dovich maps of MUSIC clusters of galaxies Cialone, Giammarco; De Petris, Marco; Sembolini, Federico; Yepes, Gustavo; Baldi, Anna Silvia; Rasia, Elena, 2018, MNRAS, 477, 139

  3. The origin of ICM enrichment in the outskirts of present-day galaxy clusters from cosmological hydrodynamical simulations Biffi, V.; Planelles, S.; Borgani, S.; Rasia, E.; Murante, G.; Fabjan, D.; Gaspari, M., 2018, MNRAS, 476, 2689

  4. Discovery of a New Fundamental Plane Dictating Galaxy Cluster Evolution from Gravitational Lensing Fujita, Yutaka; Umetsu, Keiichi; Rasia, Elena; Meneghetti, Massimo; Donahue, Megan; Medezinski, Elinor; Okabe, Nobuhiro; Postman, Marc, 2018, ApJ, 857, 118

  5. Cosmological hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy clusters: X-ray scaling relations and their evolution Truong, N.; Rasia, E.; Mazzotta, P.; Planelles, S.; Biffi, V.; Fabjan, D.; Beck, A. M.; Borgani, S.; Dolag, K.; Gaspari, M.; Granato, G. L.; Murante, G.; Ragone-Figueroa, C.; Steinborn, L. K., 2018, MNRAS, 474, 4089 

  6. The Fraction of Cool-core Clusters in X-Ray versus SZ Samples Using Chandra Observations Andreade-Santos et al. 2017, ApJ, 845,76

  7. The history of chemical enrichment in the intracluster medium from cosmological simulations, Biffi, V.,: Planelles, S.; Borgani, S.; Fabjan, D.; Rasia, E.; Murante, G.; Tornatore, L.; Dolag, K.; Granato, G. L.; Gaspari, M.; Beck, A. M. 2017, MNRAS, 468,531

  8.  Pressure of the hot gas in simulations of galaxy clusters by Planelles, S., Fabjan, D., Borgani, S., Murante, G., Rasia, E., Biffi, V., Truong, N., Ragone-Figueroa, C., Granato, G. L., Dolag, K., Pierpaoli, E., Beck, A. M., Steinborn, L., & Gaspari, M. 2017, MNRAS, 467, 3827

  9. On the coherent rotation of diffuse matter in numerical simulations of galaxy clusters by Baldi, Anna Silvia; De Petris, Marco; Sembolini, Federico; Yepes, Gustavo; Lamagna, Luca; Rasia, Elena, 2017, MNRAS, 465, 2528

  10. On the nature of hydrostatic equilibrium in galaxy clusters by Biffi, V.; Borgani, S.; Murante, G.; Rasia, E.; Planelles, S.; Granato, G. L.; Ragone-Figueroa, C.; Beck, A. M.; Gaspari, M.; Dolag, K.,  2016, ApJ, 827, 112

  11. Neutral hydrogen in galaxy clusters: impact of AGN feedback and implications for intensity mapping by Villaescusa-Navarro F., Planelles S., Borgani S., Viel M., Rasia E., Murante G., Dolag K., Steinborn L., Biffi V., Beck A., Ragone-Figueroa C., 2016, MNRAS, 456, 3553 

  12. The morphologies and alignments of gas, mass, and the central galaxies of CLASH clusters of galaxies by Megan Donahue, Stefano Ettori, Elena Rasia, Jack Sayers, Adi Zitrin, Massimo Meneghetti, G. Mark Voit, Sunil Golwala, Nicole Czakon, Gustavo Yepes, Alessandro Baldi, Anton Koekemoer, Marc Postman, 2016, ApJ, 819, 36

  13. Cool Core Clusters from Cosmological Simulations, by E. Rasia, Borgani, S.; Murante, G.; Planelles, S.; Beck, A. M.; Biffi, V.; Ragone-Figueroa, C.; Granato, G. L.; Steinborn, L. K.; Dolag, K., 2015, ApJ, 813, L17

  14. Spectral-Imaging of Galaxy Clusters with Planck, by H. Bourdin, P. Mazzotta, E. Rasia, 2015,  ApJ, 815, 92

  15. A multi-wavelength mass analysis of RCS2 J2327.6-020437, a 3X10 15 M_sun galaxy cluster, K. Sharon, M. Gladders, D. Marrone, H. Hoekstra, E. Rasia, H.Bourdin, Gifford, D.; Hicks, A. K.; Greer, C.; Barrientos, L. F.; Bayliss, M.; Carlstrom, J. E.; Gilbank, D. G.; Gralla, M.; HlavacekLarrondo, J.; Leitch, E.; Mazzotta, P.; Mroczkowski, T.; Muchovej, S. J. C.; Schrabback, T.; Yee, H. K. al., 2015,  ApJ, 814, 21

  16. Temperature Structure of the Intracluster Medium from Smoothed-particle Hydrodynamics and Adaptive-mesh Refinement Simulations, Rasia, Elena, Lau, Erwin T.; Borgani, Stefano; Nagai, Daisuke; Dolag, Klaus; Avestruz, Camille; Granato, Gian Luigi; Mazzotta, Pasquale; Murante, Giuseppe; Nelson, Kaylea; Ragone-Figueroa, Cinthia, 2014, ApJ, 791, 96

  17. The MUSIC of CLASH: predictions on the concentration mass relation. Meneghetti, Rasia, Vega, J., Merten, J., Postman, M.; Yepes, G.; Sembolini, F.; Donahue, M.; Ettori, S.; Umetsu, K.; et al. 2014, ApJ, 797, 34

  18. CLASH: The Concentration-Mass Relation of Galaxy Clusters. Merten, Meneghetti et al. 2015, ApJ, 806, 4

  19. The Hot and Energetic Universe: A White Paper presenting the science theme motivating the Athena+ mission. Nandra, Kirpal et al. 2013, ArXiv: 1306, 2307

  20. The Hot and Energetic Universe: The evolution of galaxy groups and clusters. Pointecouteau, E.; Reiprich, T. H. et al. 2013, ArXiv: 1306.2319

  21. Recoinciling extremely different concentration-mass relations, M. Meneghetti & E. Rasia 2013, ArXIV: 1303:6158

  22. On the Discrepancy between Theoretical and X-Ray Concentration-Mass Relations for Galaxy ClustersE. Rasia, S. Borgani, S. Ettori, P. Mazzotta, M. Meneghetti, 2013, ApJ, 776, 39

  23. X-ray morphological estimators for galaxy clusters, E. Rasia, M. Meneghetti, S. Ettori, 2013, AstRv, 8, 40 (invited paper)

  24. Lensing and X-Ray Mass Estimates of Clusters: Simulations *E. Rasia, M. Meneghetti, R. Marino, S. Borgani, A. Bonafede, K. Dolag , S. Ettori, D. Fabjan, C. Giocoli, P. Mazzotta, J. Merten, M. Radovich, L. Tornatore, focus issues on ``Cluster of Galaxies" of the New Journal of Physics (Invited paper), 2012, NJPh, 14, 5018

  25. Pointing to the minimum: the generalized scaling relation for galaxy clusters, S. Ettori, E. Rasia, D. Fabjan, S. Borgani, K. Dolag, 2012, MNRAS,420, 2058 

  26. Temperature Structure and Mass-Temperature Scatter in Galaxy Clusters, D. Ventimiglia, G. M. Voit, E. Rasia,2012, ApJ, 747, 123

  27. X-ray mass proxies from hydrodynamic simulations of galaxy clusters - I, Fabjan, D.; Borgani, S.; Rasia, E.; Bonafede, A.; Dolag, K.; Murante, G.; Tornatore, L., 2011, MNRAS, 416 ,801

  28. Scaling Relation in Two Situations of Extreme Mergers, Rasia, E.; Mazzotta, P.; Evrard, A.; Markevitch, M.; Dolag, K.; Meneghetti, M., 2011, ApJ, 729, 45

  29. On the Baryon Fractions in Clusters and Groups of Galaxies, X. Dai, J.N. Bregman, S. C. Kochanek, E. Rasia, 2010, ApJ, 719, 119

  30. Massive halos in Millennium Gas simulations: multivariate scaling relations, R. Stanek, E. Rasia, A. E. Evrard, F. Pearce, L. Gazzola, 2010, ApJ, 715, 508

  31. Weighing simulated galaxy clusters using lensing and X-ray, M. Meneghetti, E. Rasia, J. Merten, F. Bellagamba, S. Ettori, P. Mazzotta, K. Dolag, S. Marri, 2010, A&A, 514, 93

  32. X-ray tails from the recoiling massive black holes in elliptical galaxies, B. Devecchi, M. Dotti, E. Rasia, M. Volonteri, M. Colpi, 2009, MNRAS, 394, 633

  33. Diffuse Baryonic Matter Beyond 2020, Maxim Markevitch, M.; Nicastro, F.; Nulsen, P.; Rasia, E.; Vikhlinin, A.; Kravtsov, A.; Forman, W.; Brunetti, G.; Sarazin, C.; Elvis, M et al. 2009, astro 2010 (arXiv:0902.3709)

  34. X-MAS2: Study Systematics on the ICM Metallicity Measurements, E. Rasia, P. Mazzotta, H. Bourdin, S. Borgani, L.Tornatore, S. Ettori, K. Dolag, L. Moscardini,2008, ApJ, 674, 728

  35. Effects of Selection and Covariance on X-ray Scaling Relations of Galaxy Clusters, Nord, B.; Stanek, R.; Rasia, E.; Evrard, A. E., 2008, MNRAS, 383, 10L

  36. Virial Scaling of Massive Dark Matter Halos: why Clusters prefers a high Normalization Cosmology?, A.E. Evrard, J. Bialek, M. Busha, M. White, S. Habib, K. Heitmann, M. Warren, E. Rasia, G. Tormen, L. Moscardini, C. Power, A.R. Jenkins, C.S. Frenk, V. Springel, S.D.M. White, J. Diemand, 2008, ApJ, 672, 122

  37. Radial profile and log-normal fluctuations of intra-cluster medium as an origin of systematic bias of spectroscopic temperature, H. Kawahara, Y. Suto, T. Kitayama, S. Sasaki, M. Shimizu, E. Rasia, K. Dolag, 2007, ApJ, 659, 257

  38. Simulating the physical properties of dark matter and gas inside the cosmic web, K. Dolag, M. Meneghetti, L. Moscardini, E. Rasia, A. Bonaldi, 2006, MNRAS,  370, 656

  39. Systematics in the X-ray Cluster Mass estimators, E. Rasia, S. Ettori, L. Moscardini, P. Mazzotta, S. Borgani, K. Dolag, G. Tormen, L.M. Cheng, A. Diaferio, 2006, MNRAS, 369, 2013

  40. Mismatch between X-ray and emission-weighted temperatures in galaxy clusters: cosmological implications, E. Rasia, P. Mazzotta, S. Borgani, L. Moscardini, K. Dolag, G. Tormen, A. Diaferio, G. Murante,2005, ApJ Lett., 618L, 1

  41. Comparing the temperatures of galaxy clusters from hydro-N-body simulations to Chandra and XMM-Newton observations, P. Mazzotta, E. Rasia, L. Moscardini, G. Tormen, 2004, MNRAS, 354, 10

  42. Thermal Conduction in Simulated Galaxy Clusters, K. Dolag, M. Jubelgas, V. Springel, S.Borgani, E. Rasia, 2004, Apj Lett., 606L, 97

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  44. The impact of cluster mergers on arc statistic, E. Torri, M. Meneghetti, M. Bartelmann, L. Moscardini, E. Rasia, G. Tormen, 2004, MNRAS, 349, 476

  45. A dynamical model for the distribution of dark matter and gas in galaxy clusters, E. Rasia, G. Tormen, L. Moscardini, 2004, MNRAS, 351, 237


* Paper selected on the basis of referee endorsement, novelty, scientific impact and broadness of appeal for inclusion in the Highlights of 2012 collection [NJP_Highlights.pdf].